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Employ extra staff for your business.

We manage the whole process of you benefitting from the government's Kickstart scheme.


What is the kickstart scheme?

The Kickstart Scheme helps employers, by providing funding for them to create job placements for 16 to 24 year olds.


This Government will pay:

  • 100% of National Minimum Wage for 25 hours for a total of 6 months.

  • Associated employer NI contributions.

  • Employer minimum automatic enrolment contributions.

  • A grant of £300 per employee hired.

We Solve The Problem For SME's Wanting To Access The Kickstart Scheme

The Problem:

ONLY LARGE companies can apply directly. These corporations must:

  • Have the capacity to employ and support 30 or more Kickstart placements.

  • Be able to provide quality careers training.

The Solution


WE ENABLE Small Businesses to access the Kickstart Scheme. Through a Government Certified Gateway, we:

  • Allow you to hire any number of placements you wish.

  • Provide the required careers training.

  • Streamline the application process.

  • Enable you to focus on your business.

What is the Kickstart Scheme?


The Kickstart Scheme is a new incentive from the government for 16 - 24 year olds who currently claim Universal Credit and are at serious risk of becoming unemployed long-term. Under the scheme, the Government will cover 100 per cent of employment costs for 25 hours a week for up to 6 months. This includes the employee's salary at the appropriate minimum wage for their age, as well as National Insurance and pension contributions. Additionally, businesses will also receive £300 per placement to cover the cost of the placement and for any wrap-around support and training. Big Billers makes it easy for businesses to apply and successfully access the scheme, plus provide the required training at no additional cost to you.



Is my business eligible for the Kickstart Scheme?


The benefit of using Big Billers is that we enable businesses of any size to apply to the Kickstart Scheme via an official Government Kickstart Gateway. This is because only large companies taking on 30 or more placements and able to provide the required employability training and mentoring can apply direct via the government website. However, you must be a limited company or registered charity with at least one years accounts filed at Companies House. Although failing one of the below, doesn’t mean you will not be approved, you are more likely to be approved if you:

  • have existed for a while.

  • regularly and recently submitted accounts.

  • have a credit score which is a low risk category.

  • have a low probability of imminent business failure.

  • have enough liquid assets to pay your debts.

  • do not have any recent county court judgments (CCJs).


What type of Jobs can I offer for the Kickstart Scheme Placement?


Each job placement must last at least 6 months long with a minimum of 25 hours per week and only require basic training. The job placements created with Kickstart Scheme funding must be new jobs. They must not:

  • Replace existing or planned vacancies

  • Cause existing employees, apprentices or contractors to lose or reduce their employment

Big Billers will also help you meet the funding criteria of helping your young person become more employable.



What Is a Kickstart Scheme Gateway?


Businesses taking on less than 30 Kickstarter placements must go via Kickstart Scheme Gateway.  We make the process quick and easy plus look after the required administration and employability training for each kickstarter.



How To Apply Via Kickstart Scheme Gateway?


You can register with a Kickstart Scheme Gateway via Big Billers .  One of our consultants will be in touch to:

  • Provide you with free advice about the Kickstart Scheme.

  • Help you find out if you are eligible for scheme.

  • Help you apply via our Kickstart Gateway. We make the process simple, quick and easy.

How long will the Kickstart Scheme last? When will it accept applications until?


The government has said that the scheme will run at least until December 2021. They have allocated £2bn in funding for the scheme. The scheme is proving very popular with businesses, so we are currently unsure if the government will stop the scheme earlier than expected if it uses up the £2bn before December 2021.



Is there a maximum number of Kickstarter placements I can hire?


No there is not a maximum number as long as the job placements meet the criteria. Big Billers will help you with the application process to give you the best chance of being accepted.



Do I get to choose the Kickstart I employ or does the jobcentre just send me someone ?


The jobcentre will send you CVs of candidates who meet your job description. From there you would run a normal interview process and select the candidate best suited to your business.



What happens if the Kickstart leaves my business, or we have to ask them to leave ?


The Kickstart is an employee on a standard 6 month contract. If they don’t work out for whatever reason then you can terminate their contract as you would with any other employee.


Let's do it. What is the next step ?


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